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November 2015: Issue One
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 a division of specialty store services

Specialty Store Services
Launches S-CUBE

Specialty Store Services, a leading provider of fine-quality custom fixtures, stock fixtures and supplies, launches S-CUBE to focus on its fast-growing custom fixture business.

“Our custom business has grown three-fold in the past few years,” said Managing Partner Eric Weinstein. “To better service the unique needs of our custom program chain customers, we are proud to announce the launch of S-CUBE.”

For the past 30 years, the custom division has been operating under the Specialty Store Services name in conjunction with the company’s catalog division. Now a separate division, S-CUBE will provide retail chain clients with dedicated staff experts in sales, project management, and engineering. The new organization will better support the complex program requirements of custom fixture development, production, and distribution.

S-CUBE is committed to seamlessly integrating ideas, processes, and resources into solutions that are customized to support specific program needs. The strategic leveraging of the company’s manufacturing, engineering, and logistics resources allows the company to provide consistent fabrication of high quality fixtures, adherence to stringent production schedules, and to meet budget goals.

S-CUBE’s strategic manufacturing partnerships combine both domestic and off-shore production of high quality custom fixtures in metal, wood, and mixed material options for lead ingretailers across the U.S.

For more information on S-CUBE services and capabilities visit scubefixtures.com. To discuss ways that S-CUBE can support your program needs, can call Eric Weinstein at 847-954-5239 or your sales representative today.

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Follett makes the Grade

Follett makes the Grade

Long before class schedules are finalized, dormitory assignments are confirmed, campus move-in dates are set and freshmen orientation is held...college bookstores across the nation are busy; sprucing up and stocking up for the next wave of arriving students.

Today’s college bookstores offer so much more than mandatory course materials, spirit wear and computer products. They are athletic concessions for school sports teams, resources for technology repair, mailing centers for packages and social gathering spots for coffee.

Store environments are strategically planned to be transaction-oriented yet welcoming as social destinations.

Product assortments are carefully developed to reflect national student trends as well as local and school-specific interests. Bookstores have graduated to both an educational and social resource for college students everywhere.

For more than 140 years Follett has been serving students across North America. Today, they are higher education's largest campus retailer operating nearly 1,200 local campus stores across the continent!

The assignment from Follett to S-CUBE was to upgrade the look and functionality of their store fixture program. Criteria required the new system to be contemporary and sleek in aesthetics, modular in functionality and maximizing in merchandising flexibility. But also mandatory, was that the new system match their current gondola (upright) slotting pattern to enable the reuse of existing accessory components such as shelves, hang-rail & hooks in 1,000 older locations.

Follett’s due-date to design & fabricate these units was aggressive in order to meet several extremely high-profile projects at prestigious university bookstores. The system S-CUBE developed met all criteria for function, flexibility, and reuse of accessory inventory.

After design approval, initial production was domestically manufactured to meet urgent store deadlines. Following these first stores, fabrication transitioned to overseas partners in order to reduce total program cost. Shared engineering platforms ensured a smooth transfer between manufacturing plants, while maintaining quality integrity.

S-CUBE global resources enabled the blending of production and cost models to meet all program deadlines and budget requirements. The new fixtures were built of cold-rolled steel, frosted acrylic and melamine wood. “S-CUBE’s performance was Best in Class” said Karen Bretz, Project Designer at Follett.

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Tax Relief

Retailers to get tax relief!

Two bills passed by the House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee on Thursday (9/17/15), help retailers remodel their stores by making tax incentives for remodeling & new capital improvements permanent.

For more details visit: Chain Storage

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How Friday Became Black

How Friday Became Black

It’s a day of doorbusters and promotional deals! It’s long lines and shoppers searching for the best bargain! It’s long hours and retailers pulling out all stops to entice consumers into their stores. It’s Black Friday!

It’s Tradition

Retailers have been motivating people to shop the Friday after Thanksgiving since the late 19th century. At that time, department stores such as Macy’s and Eaton’s, sponsored parades on the day after Thanksgiving. These parades were a major component of their holiday advertising campaign. The result was that a great deal of people shopped when the parades ended. Due to this success, it became an unwritten rule that retailers postponed any major holiday promotions until post-parades. By the 1930s, the Friday after Thanksgiving had become the official start of the Christmas shopping season!

For a brief period retailers claimed that Black Friday referred to “the day” as the one in which retailers went from “red” to “black” financially. This is untrue, despite the significance of the holiday season on year-end success. The name “Black Friday” actually comes from the Philadelphia Police Department, bus drivers, and taxi cab drivers who dreaded the day after Thanksgiving due to the traffic jams and mob mentality the city and stores experienced from shoppers. It’s earliest documented reference dates back to 1966, but the term didn’t catch on with the masses until the ‘90s. It has been referred to as Black Friday ever since.

Black Friday is busiest shopping day, but not necessarily the biggest.

ShopperTrak, which counts foot traffic, reports that Black Friday is the BUSIEST shopping day; counting the number of shoppers hitting the mall in 2014 at 87 million! The BIGGEST sales day however, is typically the Saturday before Christmas. This is chalked up to procrastination! (If Christmas happens to fall on a weekend though, it’s a few days earlier).

And although Black Friday may not top last minute shopper sales, Black Friday still rakes in an amazing amount of money. 2014 sales totaled $50.9 billion, and 2013 sales were recorded at 57.4 billion for the day.

2015 Holiday Predictions are Strong

The National Retail Federation is predicting that November/December 2015 will deliver a 3.7% increase in sales, considerably higher then that 10-year average of 2.5%. In addition, they forecast another 6-8% increase in on-line sales.

And so…

However you entice your customers - whether with face-to-face service, 24/7 on-line offerings, free delivery, doorbusters, customization, omni-channel options, special pricing or parades… we hope your holiday selling season is an unprecedented success!

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Does Your Checkout Deliver?

Does Your Checkout Deliver?

An online study conducted by Harris Interactive found that 88% of U.S. shoppers would like the store checkout experience to be faster; half of those polled cited slow checkout speeds and long lines as their top grievances.

The study, commissioned by Digimarc, also found that shoppers are looking for more “human interaction” and “perceived gratitude”: 61% feel that clerks focus more on scanning items and less on finding out if they’re satisfied. And nearly 30% say they feel like a burden to the clerk and other customers when they have a full cart!

You might think that self-checkout would be more appealing given shoppers’ gripes with traditional checkout, but that’s not the case. Three-quarters of the shoppers surveyed avoid selfcheckout citing technical problems and bar code scanning difficulties as the reasons they avoid the self-checkout lane.

See more at: NRF

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