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December 2015: Issue Two
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It’s a Multi-Channel World

No longer just a buzzword, Omnichannel has become a reality for marketers and shoppers alike.


Omnichannel or multichannel retailing is the use of a variety of channels or mediums in a customer's shopping experience. Channels include retail stores, online stores, mobile stores, mobile app stores, telephone sales and other methods of researching and/or transacting with a customer.

Consumers expect integration in their shopping experience. If they order an item online, they expect to be able to return it in the store and have an option to pick it up in the store. It's up to retailers to make sure that expectation is met. Brands who don't provide that kind of experience, are likely to lose customers, especially as the digital generation gains more buying power.

Stores who create a seamless experience integrating all forms of technology, gain significant customer loyalty. Those brands are perceived as responsive to customer's needs.

From a sales perspective, a tablet can free an employee from the POS system, allowing them to go directly to the aid of customers. Tablets can tell them what is in stock, available at other stores and when new products might be launching. When a purchase is ready to be made, the customer can simply continue talking to the salesperson and make her purchase via tablet. (think Apple)


Be consistent. Messaging across all channels should have the same look and feel; the customer should always know exactly what brand she is interacting with. Create a single marketing message to deploy across all channels. The messaging doesn't have to be identical, but it all needs to be clearly related.

Provide a value-add. Make sure each engagement point offers something to the customer. An in-store kiosk that simply accesses the company's website, for example, does not bring anything unique to the customer.

Security. Develop a clear connection between the information collected, how it's used and what value the customer receives from it.

Be committed. Multi-channel retailing requires an investment in time and money. This is a total marketing strategy for the retailer to invest in the future of the customer acquisition, retention process and loyalty programs."

Source: retailcustomerexperience.com

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Table of Contents

Di Simo

Introducing our Di Simo Collection

T-Display Gondola Double Sided Outrigger
T-Display Gondola Double Sided Outrigger

Completely versatile, our new Di Simo Collection supports every merchandise need. Three floor styles: Double-Sided, T-display and Gondola are available to fit your space needs. System hardware includes hangrails, shelves, faceouts and hooks to transform these fixtures in an instant. Added accessories include sign holders, mirrors and acrylic bowls.

Merchandise hanging apparel on all sides or combine with shelves for a hang/fold display. Utilize shelves to transform Di Simo to a hardlines product shop or to merchandise folded apparel on all sides. Add hooks to feature accessories and add-on gift items.

Locking casters make DiSimo easily moveable to high-traffic aisles or to gang together for a longer presentation run. DiSimo ships flat and assembles in just minutes. Each panel is 2’ wide and 4’ tall.

Frosted acrylic insert panels provide a finished look and are customizable with branded graphics. Or add a slatgrid panel to further transform your display. A matte silver finish offers durability.

Matching wall outriggers are also part of the collection to unify your walls and selling floor.

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Karen McKinney

Karen McKinney Joins S-CUBE as Midwest Sales Executive

Karen Aranza McKinney has joined S-CUBE, the custom fixtures division of Specialty Store Services, as sales account executive for the Midwest.

McKinney brings significant experience in the custom store fixture market, including a number of years representing B&N Industries in the Midwest. She is a graduate of the International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Chicago.

“Karen’s experience and reputation in the market will help S-CUBE continue to respond to the exciting growth opportunities in the Midwest market,” said Managing Partner Eric Weinstein.

Karen McKinney

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Retails Reach

Retail's Reach

Retailers are the heart of every local community. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the engines of local commerce. They employ and serve their neighborhoods. 98.6% of all retail businesses employ less than 50 people.

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs

    In the US this equates to:
  • 3,793,621 Retail Establishments
  • 42 Million Jobs Supported
  • $2.6 Trillion in Total GDP Impact

And it’s not just about the jobs directly in retail. The retail industry supports millions of jobs in related support sectors:

Number Of Jobs

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New Years

Happy New Year!

Did you know...

The first New Year’s celebration dates back 4,000 years. Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor declared Jan. 1 a national holiday. He named the month after Janus, the Roman god of doors and gates. Janus had two faces, one looking forward and one looking back.

The Time Square New Year's Eve Ball was first dropped in 1907 when there was a fireworks ban. At that time, a 700-pound ball embellished with 25-watt bulbs made of iron and wood was dropped. Now, the ball weighs 11,875 pounds, is 12 feet in diameter and is adorned with 2,668 Waterford crystals.

Americans drink close to 360 million glasses of sparkling wine during the New Years holiday.

"Auld Lang Syne" is an old Scottish song first published in 1796. It is one of the most popular songs that nobody knows the lyrics to. "Auld Lang Syne" literally translates as "old long since" and means "times gone by."

45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Top resolutions are: lose weight, get organized, spend less & save more, stay fit, and quit smoking.

25% of folks give up on their resolutions by the second week of January.

The team at S-CUBE wishes you and yours a VERY Happy New Year!

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