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Proud to Be Partnered with BAM!
Trends from EuroShop
NRF Predicts Tax Refund Plans
A Dead Phone is Bad for Business


Proud to be Partnered with BAM!
Starting from a humble begining, S-CUBE now provides 120 different sku's and a complete suite of services to BAM.


Books-A-Million, Inc., also known as BAM!, is an American company that owns and operates the second largest bookstore chain in the United States. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama BAM operates more than 260 stores in 32 states and in the District of Columbia.

Books-A-Million stores provide an expansive selection of books, magazines, bargain books, collectible supplies, toys, technology and gift departments, as well as special category shops within the store. They operate within either shopping malls or lifestyle centers and stores typically average around 30,000 square feet in size.

Most Books-A-Million stores also feature "Joe Muggs" cafés, a full line coffee and espresso bar, also offering a wide selection of gourmet coffees, teas, desserts and brewing supplies.

S-CUBE started partnering with BAM by providing a single hat rack. Proving to be a competent and engaged vendor-partner BAM awarded S-CUBE more and more fixture items over the years. Now, 5 years later S-CUBE is proud to be providing 120 different sku’s and a complete suite of services that includes design, value-engineering, manufacturing, logistics coordination and inventory management.

Most recently S-CUBE designed several fixtures including a new Comic and Vinyl displays. Aggressive value-engineering resulted in a production cost reduction from BAM’s former fixture package of almost one-half! Fixtures are produced 95% overseas and 5% domestic and includes – wood, metal, glass, acrylic and mixed material.

Logistics requirements mandated that each truck arrive on-time and in the correct order to facilitate unloading and staging the stores in a predetermined order. Fixtures fill 10-12 trucks per each location. On time delivery was guaranteed.

Inventory management is an ongoing service that S-CUBE provides in support of everything from new stores to 1-off fixture rollouts.

For the complete story on Joe Muggs, see our March 2016 Newsletter Issue!



BAM Music Fixture

BAM book table and cart

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Trends from Euroshop
This past March 5th-9th was the world’s largest trade fair for providers of retail fixtures, equipment, displays and all other in-store investments.


The 2017 show was in Düsseldorf, Germany - EuroShop celebrated their best outcome in it’s 50-year history boasting 2,368 exhibitors from 61 nations and over 113,000 visitors.

S-CUBE partner/owners Eric Weinstein and Evan Finke attended; absorbing ideas and inspiration from 18 exhibition halls extending over 127,000 m² or 1,367,017 square feet of exhibit space!

The dominant themes that were widely represented in this every 3rd year event included the continuing digitalization in retail, tailor-made omni-channel solutions and the emotionalization of the shopping experience in-store.

Online retail is currently fueling investment in physical stores. Competition from online suppliers means brick & mortar retailers must make their stores more attractive. At the same time, the dovetailing of physical and online stores is generating new retail and interior design concepts. Modern information technology is becoming more important and omni-channel solutions rise to the forefront of the customer experience.

EuroShop 2017 also highlighted the emotionalization of stores themselves. We witnessed storytelling at the forefront of concepts, solutions and products. This was represented across solutions in architecture, design, lighting as well as the embedding of state-of-the-art media within store fixtures. It comes as no surprise then that visual merchandising gains significance in the custom design of retail spaces.

As a fixture manufacturer we specifically focused on the trends in fabrication. Fixture trends that we saw featured clever updates to the traditional gondola! These included metal gondolas printed to look like wood, the use of interesting and unique materials as back panels, and an unexpected pop of color on a shelf, base or accessory. As a result, look for S-Cube to be expanding our own offering of gondola upgrades as we explore back panel options in a variety of perforated patterns, frosted plexi inserts, wood and graphic imaging. We are also exploring unique finishes that take the humble gondola to the next level of sophistication.

Other trends were very “Industrial looks” in fixtures - from everything including wall systems, out-riggers, floor fixtures and racks - a deconstructed look was evident across the show floor. S-CUBE will explore the interest in this look by our customers and we will continue to use this newsletter to share innovations in our S-CUBE capabilities with you.



Fashion Trends from EuroShop

Drink Trends from EuroShop


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NRF Predicts Tax Refund Plans
NRF says consumers plan to save their tax refunds for later...


A record low number of Americans will spend their tax returns this year while the second-highest number on record will put the money into savings, according to the annual tax return survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

“Financial security continues to be top-of-mind for all Americans, and consumers are hanging on to their tax refunds tighter than ever,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Consumers are leveraging their tax returns to build up their savings, but that’s good news in the long run because money saved today is money that can be spent down the road, particularly during the back-to-school and holiday seasons later this year.”

“Millennials are mindful of how they spend their hard-earned money these days, especially when it comes to any refund they expect from their taxes,” Prosper Consumer Insights Director Pam Goodfellow said. “Although Millennials and Gen X are focused on allocating their refunds to savings or reducing their debt, young adults are also apt to seize the opportunity to treat themselves to a little discretionary spending.”



Save or Spend Your Tax Refund



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A Dead Phone is Bad for Business
Mobile charging stations keep retail consumers spending more time and money in-store.


Retail shoppers today rely heavily on their phones, even while in-store. According to research by Veloxity, 75% of shoppers make purchase decisions using their phones and 90% of that group use their phones for product research and comparison. Given how reliant shoppers have become on their phones, it’s not surprising that the devices sometimes run out of power during a shopping spree.

According to research conducted by GfK on behalf of charging station provider ChargeItSpot, in-store charging stations have a positive effect on retail sales, keeping shoppers browsing longer and spending more. The study found that being able to safely and securely recharge a phone in-store increased shopping time by a factor of 2x, boosted the checkout total by 29%, converted 54% more customers and left the shopper feeling more positively about the retailer that had provided the charging station.

ChargeItSpot’s stations allow customers to continue shopping while their phones recharge. If a phone is truly dead, it can take up to two hours to fully recharge, or about 1% per minute, according to the company. There is no charge to customers to use the stations, which are accessed by finding an available locker, entering their phone number (or any 10-digit number) and choosing a security image. Customers plug their phone in to recharge and close the locker door, which keeps the phone secure until it is retrieved by the customer using their phone number and image. Up to eight devices can be charged simultaneously.

And if they happen to forget which security image they chose, the customer can call customer service for assistance. The station’s camera is then used to verify the shopper’s identity and the locker is unlocked remotely by a customer service representative. ChargeItSpot’s towers are made of steel. Its locks can withstand more than 1,000 pounds of force and are UL and EMC-certified.

Opting In Is The Price Of Usage
In exchange for providing free mobile device charging, retailers gain information about their customers. The charging station doubles as a customer acquisition tool. That is, the mobile phone number used to secure the device during charging is shared with the retailer, which can then push out targeted text messages to shoppers within 30 minutes of unplugging their phones.

Customers are also asked to complete an optional three-question survey, called a QuickPoll, while waiting for the locker door to open to retrieve their phone. The questions are posed by the retailer and designed to learn more about the customer’s shopping experience and preferences. As soon as the survey is completed, the retailer can see the results in real time. Although the survey is optional, ChargeItSpot reports a 70-90% participation rate during its pilot with eight clients.

The cost of the charging station “varies depending on the number of stations a partner might commit to, as well as the data collection capabilities (for marketing purposes) they would like integrated into their stations’ software,” said ChargeItSpot CEO and founder Douglas Baldasare, who explains that “the daily cost is less than the cost of one item at the store."



ChargeItSpot in store

ChargeItSpot Charging Station

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