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Here’s Why Custom Point-of-Purchase Merchandising is Worth It

June 9, 2023 Lili Walker

What’s the thing that catches your eye in a store? You’ll most often gravitate towards enticing signage or colorful displays. These are great examples of point-of-purchase merchandising and retail display solutions. S-Cube Fixtures are known for helping showcase your product right to engage shoppers with custom fixtures. So how do you know what types of displays your products need? Read on for the complete guide to point-of-purchase merchandising, custom retail displays, and more!

The Benefits of Investing in Custom Point-of-Purchase Merchandising

Standing out among a crowd is important on all levels, including products in a store. A successful strategy to do this is investing in custom point-of-purchase merchandising or custom retail displays. These fixtures can be entirely different from the traditional ones shop owners use.

For example, if you sell a particular product like vehicle fuel or golf club handles, you’ll need something custom to showcase these. Traditional retail fixtures won’t do the trick. Custom point-of-purchase merchandising can also help your marketing message that resonates with customers. Anything to improve a customer’s overall experience is a win in the business owner world.

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Incorporating Brand Identity into a Display Design

One of the first things you want to do when conversing about custom fixtures is to know and understand your brand identity. Brand identity is visually what represents your products through your core values. Getting a point-of-purchase display to catch a customer’s attention is easy, but aligning it with your brand identity is where it can shine. Communicate with your fixture vendor, like S-Cube Fixtures, and tell them your specific fonts, logos, and color scheme so they can mimic it in the custom fixtures you order. This way, your display will represent your brand and make it stand out against competitors, creating a memorable shopping experience for everyone.

Understanding Consumer Behaviors

Most people don’t know that the retail environment around us influences our shopping behavior. As soon as a customer walks through the door, they instantly look at marketing messages to drive buying decisions. Once you understand this as a retail store owner or product manager, you can use point-of-purchase merchandising to play a huge role in customer decision-making. Where should your custom fixtures be located? What type of products do you want to show most effectively? These are questions you’ll need to consider with shopping behavior in mind. Then, you’ll then be able to remain competitive and improve your sales across the board.

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How to Attract Customers to Your Point-of-Purchase Merchandising

We’ve discussed shopping behavior and brand identity, but what attracts customers to your custom displays? The right point-of-purchase displays capture the attention with eye-catching signage, interactive displays, loud fonts, and colors. Your goal is to make the environment around your products and fixtures memorable for consumers. When you’ve achieved this, customers will keep coming back repeatedly.


The advantages of custom point-of-purchase (POP) merchandising and retail displays are compelling: they capture attention, invoke an emotional response in customers, and often boost sales. But when investing in such a display option, it’s important to understand the right display for you and your product. By following these steps, retailers can reap the rewards of investing in POP merchandising and retail displays. When beginning this process, consider S-CUBE Fixtures a reliable resource for finding cost-effective problem-solving fixture solutions, where customer satisfaction is always a top priority!

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