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Pop-up Stores Generate Buzz

December 16, 2020 Elder Ocampo

One of the primary benefits of pop-up shops is that they help a brand generate buzz. Pop-up retail establishments are often fantastic marketing tools because they tend to draw attention from crowds. People are interested in the sudden existence of a store, especially if they look unique -- for instance, a shipping container. More companies are using pop-ups as a marketing tool for brand extension. By incorporating incentives for customers to share their experience on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, companies can create a larger organic buzz about their brand.

In a way, a pop-up is an amplification of a focus group. It allows you to collect a substantial amount of information on customer reactions to a product and it creates an environment in which people are giving you feedback. However, they are also speaking publicly about it, and even sharing on social channels. As opposed to sitting in a small group feeling prompted to give structured answers, they are coming to discover a new experience and talk about how it makes them feel. By analyzing social media chatter, a marketing team could examine word sentiment around their brand and look for new potential influences for future campaigns. A temporary physical setup also gives brands a chance to make consumers aware of their online store, attracting local foot traffic they may not have otherwise captured.

Pop-up Stores Allow For Testing & Experimentation

Pop-up shops are a great way to incubate an idea in a confined timeframe and isolated scope. Demonstrating new products enables a business to collect customer feedback and suggestions before fully going to market. The low-cost and temporary nature of pop-up shops allow brands to engage in test marketing new products and promotions to gauge future demand. Smaller retailers can also use pop-up shops or trucks as an opportunity to reach and retain more customers.

Market Merchandise Around a Sale, Season, or Holiday

During the holidays, people shop. It is as strong a tradition as putting up a Christmas tree or roasting a turkey. The holiday season, when shoppers are out in full force and consumer spending peaks, is the optimal time to try a pop-up shop. In fact, according to a Popup Republic report, 61% of shoppers list seasonal products as the main reason to buy at pop-up shops over the holidays. As seasoned pop-up retailers know, scarcity drives demand. When a product is only available for a limited amount of time, shoppers are more likely to buy it. This sense of urgency is one major benefit of hosting a pop-up store, and the holiday season only serves to amplify it. Not only will consumers feel compelled to buy before your shop is gone forever, they’re also more likely to have a deadline of their own (such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa) urging them on.

What can you do to drive sales even after the holiday rush? In our guide, we outline some helpful tips to getting over the post-holiday retail slump and keep the sales momentum going.

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