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Semi-Custom Fixture Solutions

December 1, 2020 Elder Ocampo

While shoppers continue to expect ease and convenience in the retail setting, they also demand that retail experiences be both memorable and impactful. Additionally, online retail has created endless aisles, accelerated the lifecycle of consumer trends, and produced an expectation among buyers that retailers will tailor and curate products just for them! But even as the retail environment evolves there are some things that remain constant in the world of brick-and mortar retail - a need to display products. What fixture options are available for retailers that are not fully and expensively customized, and yet not ‘off-the shelf’ basic. Semi-customized solutions, such as the Di Simo Modular Fixture Collection blend the best standard systems with customized add-ons and finishes for a uniquely branded look, while maximizing budget dollars.

Most retailers want a custom display that will differentiate their product in a crowded marketplace and help to reinforce their brand. But retailers are increasingly finding it difficult to justify custom fixtures with budgetary and lead-time constraints.

Fixtures are one of the most prominent visual features of the store environment and the framework of effective product displays. They must not only be functional, they must be consistent with the brand message being conveyed. Both fixtures and the props around them drive experience and therefore customer loyalty.

But these fixtures really don't have to break the budget. With tight timelines as well as budget constraints, Shoe Show worked with the S-CUBE team to find innovative solutions to reduce the installation times at their new store locations, while at the same time maintaining the high level of quality of their primary supplier.

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Bon-Ton Image - Glass counterop displaying women's fragrances

Retailers/brands choose fixtures to enhance products, maximize inventory capacity, facilitate shopping ease, and offer the flexibility to easily transform a sales floor. They must pay attention to the colors and finishes to ensure consistency with brand, and to compliment the products being sold. Increased competition among retailers, mounting industry financial pressures, and a rapid acceleration in product innovation have combined to reduce planning horizons and production lead times for retail store display and fixture programs. In this era of tight budgets and shrinking lead times, many retailers are looking for solutions to fixture needs – ones that will allow them to improve the customer experience and keep them coming back every time.

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It's not just about the transaction. Custom fixtures = a unique customer experience. Our guide uncovers how to create an authentic retail experience to build loyalty and boost sales.

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In this era of tight budgets and shrinking lead times, many retailers are looking for solutions to fixture needs and that is where S-CUBE Custom Fixture can help. S-CUBE has a team of experts to help you navigate the options and to explore the best way to maximize your budget. Based upon your goal, S-CUBE can guide you in determining the right balance of custom, semi-custom and standard store fixtures, contact us to get started today!


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