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Supply chain delays? You need to plan ahead with S-CUBE

July 28, 2021 Elder Ocampo

Transportation Cargo Shiping

Even though these issues don't get the front-page news coverage that they deserve, retail professionals like you need to be aware and ready to take action because of the international supply chain issues that are now affecting your ability to roll out retail fixture programs anywhere close to on time and on budget.

  • Congested shipping ports with 30 container ships anchored offshore and unable to be unloaded
  • Railyards with stacks of cargo containers unable to be delivered because of a shortage of truck drivers
  • Labor shortages and reduced work teams at the terminals and distribution centers
  • Overseas factories overwhelmed with orders face labor shortages due to Covid and other internal instabilities

These now common disruptions can add weeks, even months to your custom store fixture production and delivery schedules. That is why is more important than ever to work with a custom store fixture manufacturing company that has a proven track record of doing whatever it takes to get their customer's retail display and fixture projects completed and delivered on time and on budget.

The proof of our customer's success is in the numbers. For Bon-Ton, S-CUBE applied extensive, value-engineering to reduce program costs, while maintaining high-quality details in their custom display cases that met precise fixture specifications. In total, we time-effectively delivered a 30% cost savings throughout the fixture project for Bon-Ton. 

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S-CUBE Fixtures based in Des Plaines, IL  has tapped into its over 35 years of experience to be able to present our customers with new ways of thinking about fixture procurement and distribution that will get your store fixture program in-store, completed on-time and on budget.

Contact us today to get started on your next project and we will do our best to make sure you will have a holiday season that is memorable for all the right reasons and not for the missed opportunities.

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