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Top 5 Benefits of Custom Retail Store Displays

February 14, 2022 Elder Ocampo

Did you know that many purchasing choices are made subconsciously? Consumers will make purchases on how the product looks, feel, and connect with the buyer. You know drawing in customers can make or break your bottom line. From trying to catch a window shopper's eye, to standing out against other in-store competition, displays are everything. Retail store displays are what draw customers towards your product. The display is the first step that creates a connection with the buyer in a store. If you're looking for a way to make your products stand out, look no further! We'll walk you through the top five benefits of a custom retail store display. 

  1. Establish Your Brand 

    As a company, you spend a lot of time establishing your brand identity. Every logo, font, and image has thought behind it. You use your brand to create something recognizable to customers. If you sell your products inside another retail store, you need to stand out against your competitors. You can use store displays to enhance your brand and make your product stand out against the competition. The store fixtures can make your product pop on the shelves. Retail store displays can be customized with your brand's color, logo, and any imagery you think will draw in customers. This can include box stands, extra flagging, and specialized fixtures.

  2. Take Advantage of Customization

    Goodwill Image - Silver Wall Standard with Shelves

    A custom fixture allows you to create store displays that adhere to your company values. For example, if your goal is to run an environmentally friendly company, you can pick materials that are good for the environment. Customization also allows you to pick different sizes and shapes for your display. You can pick the best layout for showing off your product. When you create displays for your store, you can coordinate your displays to create the perfect aesthetic environment for your store. Custom store displays are also the perfect solution for limited space. You can make your retail store displays fit any wall, counter, or shelf space. There's no limit to the ways you can enhance your store.

  3. Create a Better Customer Experience

    "Happy customers spend more" isn't just a saying, it's the truth! If people have a positive experience in your store, they're more likely to spend money. You can use a custom store fixture to make it easier for customers to find things, try products, and enjoy their time in your retail store. When customers struggle to find a product in your store, they are more likely to leave and look somewhere else. You can use retail store displays to make the location of products more obvious. For example, you can use creative shelving and raise products to eye level. Not everyone can reach products on the highest shelves. A custom fixture in your retail store will make it easier for people to reach objects. When products are easy to find and reach, it makes it that much easier to add to their carts. No matter how big your retail store is, layout is everything. The layout of your store can cause people to spend more time looking at your products, which results in them buying more. An easy-to-navigate layout that makes customers spend more time in your store without realizing it is beneficial. Retail store displays can give you the layout you need to give customers a better experience. The custom display can visually guide customers across your store from one product to the next. From color, to shape, to layout, retail store displays give you all the tools you need to create a better customer experience for everyone who visits your store.

4. Work With Technology

We've already mentioned a few ways that store displays can earn your company more money. Making customers happy and creating a better shopping environment will result in them spending more. But, there are even more ways that investing in a custom display will lead to your business making more money. You can incorporate technology into your displays to increase the customer experience. Part of why people shop online is because they can find reviews and compare prices with ease. Providing that experience in a retail environment can make competing with online retail even easier. People can use technology to look up reviews right in the store. Technology can even give customers the chance to interact with products in a new way.

Plus, you can even recommend products that go with the one customers want instantly. Having technology that creates a better customer experience can also make your store feel more modern. Many retail locations already have apps that people can use to make their visits better. By using custom fixtures and integrating them with technology, it can make the customer experience even stronger. Your store will be organized, functional, and feel modern when you use store fixtures combined with technology. 

We were able to design and build a tech-enabled table for Joe Muggs Cafes, giving customers an added level of convenience and these cafes a leg up on the competition. 

Read the Case Study

5. Affordable and Easy to Do!

As you start considering adding fixtures to your retail store, you might be wondering what the cost of it will be. Retail store displays have so many benefits, and they're affordable. The materials are low-cost and easy to install. You can create new fixtures for every season without breaking the bank. The sturdiness of the displays also makes it possible to use the displays from season to season. Store service companies create retail store displays that fit your store. They take into consideration the layout of your store, what your goal is, and create a comprehensive plan. Their team of experts will make creating custom store displays easy. Add Retail Store Displays to Your Store Today! 

Retail store displays can increase sales

Create a better customer experience, are customizable, work with technology, and are easy to do. Implementing store displays will only improve your business.  S-CUBE is a team of experts that specializes in creating store fixtures that will increase your profits. We have been servicing the needs of the retail industry for over 30 years. Our custom fixture solutions will help you create a better retail environment for every customer that comes your way. Reach out to us today to bring your business to the next level. 

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