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Bon-Ton reported a 20% sales increase in their fine jewelry and cosmetics departments!

S-CUBE and Bon-Ton at it again! This consisted of S-CUBE upgrading the fine jewelry and cosmetic department showcase programs.

S-CUBE produced over 22 styles of showcases, manufactured in a blend of finishes ~ brushed metal extrusions, custom laminates, MDW panels, and UV welded laminated safety glass. We applied extensive value-engineering to reduce program cost while maintaining stringent high-quality details and precise fabrication specifications.

Cases were shipped fully assembled from China direct to stores in the USA This produced a savings in manufacturing, installation labor, and transportation. In total S-CUBE was able to deliver a 30% cost savings!

As a result, S-CUBE was then awarded a multi-million dollar showcase and floor fixture program. 

This total fixture package included all apparel fixtures, tiered-tables, glass & metal focal fixtures, wall units, cash wraps and more.

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