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Display Essentials for Salons and Spas

August 4, 2020 Elder Ocampo

When customers walk into a hair salon, nail shop, or spa, they’re not only looking for top-notch grooming; they also want to relax and leave the stress and demands of their busy lives behind for a little while. For this reason, every element of your decor needs to be functional and contribute to an overall aesthetic of cleanliness and tranquility.

This is why you choose soothing colors for the walls and comfortable seating for health and beauty treatments. You need to put the same amount of thought into finishing touches like displays and signage. Certainly you have products you want to market and sell in your salon—it’s a great way to bring in additional revenue. What you don’t want to do, though, is cheapen the experience.

How can you accomplish these goals? You need to select the finishing touches that elevate the overall atmosphere and lend your salon or spa sophisticated and professional appeal.

Reception Area

This is the first point of contact with many customers, so it needs to be clean, well-lit, and organized. It starts with a suitable reception desk, and the first thing you’ll have to decide is whether you want a display case in this area or a simple counter.

The only reason to get a display case is if you sell high-end wares, like pricey hair tools or spa gifts (robes, for example) that you don’t want anyone to snatch off a shelf and walk out with. If you’re going to have a display, it must house something beautiful and worthy of showcasing up front.

Since the reception area is often also the waiting area, you’ll probably have seating for waiting customers, but you’ll also want to include magazines, and this can get messy. Attractive magazine/literature racks can help you control clutter.

Product Displays

The Body Shop Image - Custom Fixture Display

Whether you opt for a display case as part of the reception area, you could still add displays atop your reception desk for the purpose of showcasing smaller items (jewelry, nail polish, lip balm, etc.). You should also make sure to place brochures, business cards, and gift cards in this area for patrons to pick up as they complete their transactions.

In addition to any display space you have at your reception area, you’ll want shelving or display areas for additional product, since customers often look at these items while they’re waiting and buy them as they leave. You could use attractive shelving to display hair/beauty products, apparel, jewelry, and so on.

For some real-life application: S-CUBE upgraded the fine jewelry and cosmetic department for Bon-Ton, producing over 22 styles of showcases, manufactured in a blend of finishes. With our engineering, we reduced program costs for them while maintaining the highest quality details, meeting precise fabrication specifications. 

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Attractive signage is critical. You’re not a retail location, per se, so you don’t necessarily want loud, sale signage cluttering your walls. You will need a tasteful open/closed sign in the window and perhaps a cute sign board out front to advertise specials and attract walk-ins. As for in-store signage, it should all be geared toward helping customers understand their options while contributing to an overall atmosphere of relaxation and wellness.

S-CUBE can help you create a unique design, or to develop your vision into a sophisticated salon or spa that represents your brand image. Our end-to-end solution lets us deliver high quality store fixtures and retail solutions for retail chains of all sizes and brands nationwide for over 35 years. We’re just only a phone call away, contact us to get started today!

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