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Grocery Store Shelving – What to Keep in Mind

July 24, 2023 Lili Walker

We go to grocery stores more often than we can count, but have we ever wondered what goes into grocery store shelving? This type of fixture is one of the most practical things you can have in a grocery store, and knowing how to utilize them can bring your store success. Read more here to have S-Cube Fixtures help you learn about custom fixtures to achieve an aesthetically pleasing grocery store look!

Understand Your Store’s Space Limitations

A grocery store can only hold so much. You’ll need to measure the width and length of your aisles and the height and depth of shelving fixtures. Knowing these measurements will help determine what custom fixtures fit your store best. Think about incorporating slat walls, pegboards, or gondola shelving.

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Take Advantage of Night Deliveries

Night deliveries are great for grocery stores because they create less chaos when the restocked items arrive. If the store is closed, fewer people are around so that employees can keep stock on the shelves more easily. Also, with the store being closed, it’s better to have the employees take a more focused look into what the inventory looks like so that you don’t have to do this during open hours.

Make Use Of Different Types Of Shelves

There are so many different shelving options you can choose from for your grocery store. There are wire shelves, wooden shelves, plastic shelves, and more. Consider what sort of theme your grocery store is going for and try to match that. S-Cube Fixtures can help design the perfect combination of shelving types so that you and your customers can find products quicker and easier. Different shelving can help differentiate brands, prices, and more, even if you're only selling a specific product. Most customers find themselves attracted to the things that stand out, so let that be your shelving.

Strategically Place Items On Shelves

Putting products on shelves takes a bit of thinking. You’ll want heavier weighed items on the bottom shelf so if they fall off, it isn’t a safety hazard and lighter items on top. You’d be surprised how often heavy products can fall off and hurt someone in a grocery store. Also, make sure your shelving can provide an organization of some sort. For instance, if you sell mostly cans, getting shelves with built-in dividers may help customers have easier access to grab.

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Discuss Options With Customers

Feedback is everything when running any store. Take time to ask customers what they’d personally like to see within the store or what they’ve liked going to others. This way, you can decide how to lay out your own grocery store, whether shelvings, fixtures, or something else. Giving the customers what they want is another tactic for creating a welcoming atmosphere that will attract them again.


S-Cube Fixtures knows the ins and outs of custom shelving and retail fixtures. We’ve worked with multiple industries to give them the best, and grocery stores aren’t anything new. From concept to final delivery, we share insights and options that we think are best for your vision and get custom fixtures tailored to your costs and overall theme. Before setting up your grocery store shelving, let S-Cube Fixtures help you with your next custom retail fixture project!



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