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How to Handle Selling Unique Items Like Keychains or Magnets

September 12, 2023 Lili Walker

Everyone carries one around or has it on their fridge, but how do you actually showcase these familiar products in your store? Unique items like keychains or magnets can carry their own challenges when setting your store up. Retailers need personalized or custom solutions to help showcase these products so that shoppers can spot them as soon as they enter the door. Read more on how S-Cube Fixtures can show you the different ways to sell and showcase unique items in your retail space.

Investing in Quality Store Fixtures to Attract Customers

Having popular products is one thing, but having the right fixtures to showcase them is another. The right store fixtures are essential in maintaining an attractive storefront. Look for sturdy fixtures like wood, metal, or hard plastic so that you can have long-lasting shelves and other displays for your products. Keep in mind the more unique your fixtures are, the more intrigued your customers become. S-Cube has so many different store solutions with complete quality control and is able to design a completely custom fixture if your store sells unique items like magnets or keychains.

Choosing the Right Locations for Your Products

Once you have the fixtures to showcase your unique products, you’ll need to decide where to put these said fixtures. For instance, if you’re selling magnets or keychains, most stores put these types of products close to the cash register so that when you’re waiting in line to check out, you can grab one or two to add to your cart. A lot of times, retailers call this the POP display or point of purchase. These installments help you stand out from the competition, so make sure to put some time into the placement of them.

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Setting up the Best Pricing for your Items

Keychains and magnets are often perceived as impulse buys, so with that in mind, it’s important to keep the prices at a competitive level. Think about having seasonal promotions for when you receive the most foot traffic, like “Buy One, Get One Free!” This way, you can maintain an optimum profit margin while also finding the right balance of price and value.

Creating a Unique Visual Appeal with Fixtures that Match your Product's Style or Theme

When you’re getting store fixtures primarily for unique products like keychains or magnets, think about how the product is designed. You’ll not only want to showcase these products but also be able to capture your shopper’s attention. You can do this by having a visual appeal within your retail fixtures. S-Cube offers custom fixtures where you can build them down to the exact detail of what you’d like.

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Overall, selling unique products like magnets or keychains a great way to attract customers, especially if you have an intricate way of showcasing them. Make sure to remember to keep you prices competitive considering smaller products seem to sell fast and have complex or custom retail fixtures to show these products off best. S-Cube Fixtures is the place to be in finding solutions that meet the complexities of showcasing these kinds of products, so make sure you check them out and watch your products fly off the shelves!

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