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Making Your Brand POP in the Retail Environment

March 3, 2020 Karin Pryor


Read our White Paper - Five Trends in Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Display Advertising

The average sales increase for POP displays hovers around 9%, making them far more powerful than many traditional and digital advertising tactics, and particularly effective in encouraging impulse purchases. POP displays make consumers’ in-store experience more interactive by grabbing their attention and then offering a way to learn about the product independently. 

Our newest white paper explores the increasingly important role of POP displays in driving sales.  Learn about:

  • The Power of POP
  • The Importance of the ‘Call to Action’
  • How Less Will Be More in terms of design
  • POP use in ‘Stores Within a Store’
  • Integration of Digital Elements

It's available for FREE in our eGuide library.

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