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4 Ways to Signify an Upcoming Season in Your Store

October 10, 2023 Lili Walker

With the weather cooling down, holidays are soon to come. Seasonal changes offer stores an exciting opportunity to showcase their products in different and unique ways. Not only does it revamp your store presence, but it can also make your customers feel more welcome and excited to shop. This article will discuss how you can change your store for the upcoming seasons. S-Cube Fixtures has many tips and tricks, including store layout, offers and discounts, and displaying products differently with your shelving and fixtures. Read on for more!

Create a Display that Represents the Upcoming Season

Displays are a lot more important than one might think regarding in-store décor. Many customers need a focal point when they walk into your store; a custom fixture or seasonal point-of-purchase display can do just that. If you’re preparing for fall, think about adding warm, earthy colors like orange and yellow. Then, when winter comes around, you can shift to cooler colors like blue or white. Also, consider retail-ready displays so you can have your fixtures ready to place rather than wasting time customizing specific fixtures.

Reorganize Store Shelves to Match the New Seasonal Inventory

Something as small as reorganizing the merchandise on shelves or switching out fixtures can go a long way when revamping for the upcoming holiday season. Customers can sometimes get used to the monotony of stores, and once there’s a change in that, there tends to be more of a spark of interest and curiosity to shop longer than they did before. For instance, if you have an apparel rack close to the entrance of your store, think about switching it out for a display case or custom display. This way, customers can instantly be introduced to a new layout and help them identify what’s new for the upcoming season rather than walking right past it.

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Introduce Special Seasonal Offers and Discounts

A lot of customers expect seasonal promotions of some type when an upcoming holiday or season is approaching. Most retailers take this time to offer discounts or promotional codes for customers who spend over a certain amount. Also, if it's fall or winter, you could offer a seasonal discount on a specific product category, like sweaters or hats. These discounts can drive more revenue, considering more people will be coming to the store to take advantage of the seasonal sale.

Advertise Seasonal Products on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great tool to use as a retailer. People mainly use it for brand awareness, but they can also promote their seasonal products. Think about creating fun graphics with your store’s brand colors and announcing your new line of products for winter or fall. Once you get the attention online, more new customers will come in to see what the promotion is all about. Also, working with influencers can sometimes help increase your audience numbers because they tend to have large followers already.

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Stores everywhere are gearing up for the upcoming seasons and holidays, so don’t get left behind. Make sure to take this moment to change up or revamp your store in different ways, like seasonal displays, changing out fixtures, using social media, and more. Customers like to see stores embracing upcoming seasons, which can also help enhance the overall shopping experience. Be sure to check out S-Cube Fixtures to get them to help you bring a new and fresh look to your retail fixtures. They can do custom solutions, point-of-purchase displays, and more! Bring your retail concept to life for this upcoming season before it's too late!


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