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Get Your Sports Fan Shop Up and Running Right in Time for Game Day!

September 6, 2023 Lili Walker

Football season is almost here, and you know what that means? Fans want merchandise! If you own a sports fan shop, you know how important it is to keep your store in the utmost order right before games start picking up. However, finding a starting point and figuring out what works best to stand out from the competition can be challenging. That’s why S-Cube Fixtures is here to help you and your fan base make the perfect game day hub right in time for kickoff!

Decide What Type of Sports Fan Merchandise to Carry

Let’s say you have a sports fan shop in Florida, and you’re deciding what new products you want to carry. The smartest option is to carry fewer hoodies and maximize on cool weather clothing like t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc. If you only sell hats, make sure to look into retail ready fixtures, considering hats are somewhat of a common soft good item. If you live in a state with a much colder fall and winter, you may want to think about carrying more outerwear. Of course, having jerseys is a favorite for collectible memorabilia, but having other types of inventory may be what stands between you being better than the other suppliers.

Research Licensing and Copyright Laws for Selling your Products

Unfortunately, you can’t just sell any sports fan product. It is advised that you follow copyright and licensing laws before adding merchandise to the floor. This is especially true if your store’s inventory has logoed products or well-known mascots. Once you know the copyright and licensing rules, you should be set to better understand what you can and can’t showcase.

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Invest in Good Quality Displays and Store Fixtures to Showcase your Merchandise

Once you have your products in mind, it is time to decide on fixtures and how to showcase your inventory. This is the ultimate step to drive customers into your store. Investing in good quality store fixtures can help customers feel security as well as excitement! Fans want to show off their passion for their team, and you can help them decide how to do it. For instance, check out what S-Cube Fixtures did with Lids, a popular sports store. The way the jerseys are one of the first things you see when you walk in is a key display tip.

Source Items from Reliable Vendors with Competitive Pricing

Quality fixtures and products are the most important things you must have in your store. A lot of store owners want to save on expenses, and they do this by having only low-quality products. This is a sure way to drive away customers. Sports team apparel is already fairly pricey compared to other clothes; the last thing a customer wants is to pay a high price for a low-quality product. Make sure your store works with the best vendors for competitive pricing, and as for store fixtures, S-Cube offers only quality store fixtures, so you won’t have to worry about looking elsewhere.

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Promote your Shop with Special Offers and Discounts Ahead of Game Day

Once you have all your vendors and inventory figured out, you’ll need to start promoting! You could promote new products, designs or even a store opening. Make sure to get those promotions and special offers out soon because you’ll want the public to be aware before the shopping season starts. Then, you can capture the attention of sports fans everywhere.


Football season is coming, and you’ll want to be prepared. Hopefully, after reading this, S-Cube Fixtures has helped you better understand how to set up your sports fan shop for game day. Make sure to remember licensing, quality products, quality fixtures, and reliable vendors. Then, you should be well on your way to getting your sports fan shop ready for kickoff with the help of S-Cube!

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