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S-CUBE WINS Above & Beyond Award

June 16, 2020 Elder Ocampo


BAM nominated S-CUBE for the Shop! Merriman Above & Beyond Award.Named in honor of former association executive director Klein Merriman. The award recognizes Shop! members that deliver exceptional service to retail or brand customers.


Books-A-Million stores offer an expansive selection of books, magazines, collectible supplies, toys, technology and gift departments, as well as special category shops within the store. Stores typically average around 30,000 square feet in size. They also own “2nd & Charles” as their resale platform for similar used products.

S-CUBE began partnering with BAM by providing a single hat rack. Proving to be a competent and engaged vendor-partner BAM awarded S-CUBE more and more fixture items over the years. Now, 5 years later S-CUBE is proud to be providing 120 different SKUs and a complete suite of services that include design, value-engineering, manufacturing, logistics coordination and inventory management.

Logistics requirements mandated that each truck arrive on-time and in the correct order to facilitate unloading and staging of the stores in a predetermined order. Fixtures fill 10-12 trucks per each location. A special color-coded identification system was developed to facilitate off-load by store zone and speed the store set-up.

S-CUBE efforts delivered cost savings from BAM’s former fixture package of almost one-half! Aggressive V/E reduced these production costs & minimized in-transit damage, reduced labor costs at store set, and reduced store opening time & administrative costs. As a result, S-CUBE now provides 95% of the complete package.

S-CUBE was also named winner of the prestigious award during the Shop! Awards Celebration on March 28th, 2018 during GlobalShop Event.

Love to learn more about our custom store fixtures solutions? S-CUBE Fixtures is just only a phone call away! Our goal is to deliver above & beyond retail fixture solutions that will take your brand to the next level, contact us to get started today!

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