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What are End Cap Displays, and How Can They Help Your Business

August 15, 2023 Lili Walker

End cap displays catch your customer's attention while going around the end of the aisles. Making them stand out is a big priority when you want more attention on a specific product. Using end cap displays, S-Cube Fixtures can help give you tips on increasing your store’s visibility while reducing potential stockouts of key products. Read more on what you can do to help your business succeed.

Benefits of Using End Cap Displays 

Everyone who shops knows what end cap displays look like. Usually, many stores get creative with these kinds of retail fixtures. End caps offer a more accessible access point for customers. Once they go through the aisles, the product they’re looking for is right there rather than having them search high and low. You’ll want to get custom retail fixtures to make them more unique than your competitors. S-Cube Fixtures does a great job of designing and manufacturing these for your retail environment.

Also, another benefit of end cap displays is the time spent restocking these shelves. Usually, these are the easiest fixtures to restock and keep track of inventory, as compared to other shelves and fixtures in a retail store. Make sure you start your end cap as organized as possible so you won’t have to go back and tidy it here and there.

Designing an Effective End Cap Display

You’ll want to take the time to plan your effective end cap display. For instance, if you’re selling hair care products, maybe consider having large and bright signs pointing to the product in the end cap display. Make sure your product is already somewhat popular with your customer base so they can recognize the brand first and then make a purchase decision. Also, consider how much space you’ll need to spread your message. Sometimes working in smaller spaces can create a much louder sales pitch.

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Tips for Maximizing the Impact of Your End Cap Displays 

The initial design takes some time, but there are also other small things you can do to enhance your end cap display impact after the fixture is set up. Lighting and signage are super important in all aspects of retail. Make sure your end cap display is well-lit, and the signage is colorful and attention-grabbing. When you highlight the product's features, this should be enough to convince a customer to identify it and decide to purchase quickly.

How to Measure the Results of Using End Cap Displays

It is sometimes difficult to measure sales from end cap displays because of how they periodically change. You’ll need to make sure that whatever product you decide to showcase, you note how many sales it’s measuring before and after the end cap display is up. This should give you a general idea of how much revenue is being generated from these types of fixtures. You can also plainly ask your customers for feedback or create mini-surveys to see if end caps are something most customers like and want to see more of. If there’s a positive feedback rate with them, this is an obvious sign that end cap displays are working for your business.

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As mentioned, end cap displays are popular ways to showcase products in your retail store or business. Don’t forget to use lighting and signage to make your end caps pop, and know how to measure your results before and after these fixtures are active. Also, take the time to plan and design your end caps, and remember that S-Cube Fixtures can always do the leg work for you. They have years of experience custom designing fixtures, from businesses like gas stations to apparel shops. Shop now on custom retail fixtures, point-of-purchase merchandising displays, and more!

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