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What is PDQ and Why It's Important for Retailers

November 27, 2023 Lili Walker

You don’t often hear the term PDQ in the real world, but this acronym for ‘Product Displayed Quickly’ is often used in the merchandising universe. It’s mainly referring to pop-up displays and when they should be used within your store. Pop-up displays are great to give maximum visibility to new products and are always placed with the best accessibility for shoppers. These types of displays are often called silent salespeople because of how much they can influence shoppers in making purchase decisions. Read more as S-Cube Fixtures dives into PDQ and when to use it in retail.

Benefits of PDQ Display Packaging for Consumers

Customers everywhere are often drawn to unique and interesting displays. This can convince them to make impulse purchases. This is where PDQ displays can come in handy. If you place them in the right spots where they can easily catch the eye of all your shoppers, you can encourage a handful of people to check these displays out and even sell the products you’re showcasing. PDQ displays are also super convenient for shoppers. Say someone comes in for one small thing; these strategically placed displays can be the changing force from getting them to get this one thing to buying two or more.

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Best Practices for Merchandising with PDQs

When you’re working with PDQs, you’ll need to know how to implement them properly within your store. The first thing you’ll want to do is partner with a reliable and reputable fixtures store. S-Cube Fixtures has been in the industry for years and creates some of the highest-quality displays. Also, you need to know everything there is to know about your target audience. If you fully understand how your demographic buys and their overall shopping behavior, it will be much easier to design displays that appeal to them. Don’t forget, PDQs are meant to be quick attention grabbers, so make sure to make yours organized and designed and have bright or bold colors to attract shoppers.

How to Maximize Visibility and Sales Through Effective PDQ Placement

PDQ placement is essential for creating success. For instance, you can’t put pop-up displays in the back of the store. Nine times out of ten, your customers won’t see it. You’ll need to see your store’s traffic patterns and target the areas where people seem the most to go. Once you know that location, put your PDQ display there and watch how customers will more likely take notice of those products vs. others. Also, when you’re done placing the display, use complementary products or related products together so you can sell more of the same type of products rather than one, which is really cross-selling.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Materials for PDQ Displays

You can’t just buy any PDQ display for your store. Things like durability, printing, finishing options, and keeping your brand consistent are all things you need to consider when you’re considering buying. Luckily, S-Cube Fixtures even has custom fixture solutions, so you can get your displays looking exactly how you envision them.


A PDQ or Product Displayed Quickly is used to increase visibility and drive sales for your store. Retailers need to be familiar with this term because it can give you the competitive edge you need in an always-evolving retail industry. PDQs can help enhance your merchandise, attract customers, increase sales, and help with cross-selling. Just make sure to remember to go with a reliable display or fixture manufacturer like S-Cube Fixtures to keep positive results within your retail strategy. We want to help you make the most out of your merchandising concept!

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