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Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

Project Challenge:

Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together with bird feeding and nature products, local expert advice, and educational events.

WBU hired a new buyer to lower the fixture costs to franchisees. Upon meeting with S-CUBE, WBU had been working with 10 separate vendors on fixtures & display items. Due to the vast number of sources, there was no economy of scale in manufacturing, nor attention to personalized service.

Service Scope:

S-CUBE took over the production of the entire store fixture package including:

  • A redesign of the service counters

  • Sourcing new finishing on laminates

  • Launch of the ‘Specialty Bird Food Refresh’ fixture

  • Development of the ‘Energy’ Store package of fixtures

  • Development of a customized 3D, LED custom Sign. Constructed of push-thru printed acrylic in the WBU logo. Dual switches for placement in store windows.

  • Consolidation and management of pass-thru items in inventory to consolidate shipping

  • Created a Custom Web Portal to manage all inventory items


  • Delivered a 33% lower cost savings on fixture package

  • Consolidated pass-thru items onto truck with fixtures to facilitate store-set and lessen transit cost

  • S-CUBE is now the sole provider of fixtures at Wild Birds Unlimited locations.

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