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Visual Merchandising Trends for the Holidays

November 9, 2023 Lili Walker

The holiday season is upon us! Retailers need to start gearing up for the upcoming holidays and think about how to make compelling displays, store layouts, and more. This is where visual merchandising can be a great tool to dominate the competitive landscape this year. S-Cube Fixtures is here to guide you to transform your retail space into a customer-attracting wonderland. Read on for more!

Give Your Display a Festive Flair with Seasonal Colors and Decorations

Keeping the seasonal theme alive within your store doesn’t take too much effort. Think about incorporating festive flair through seasonal colors like red or orange for fall and red and green for Christmas. You can even implement these colors on product displays, installations, and more. The goal is to ensure shoppers have a memorable experience when they enter and leave your space.

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Make Use of Technology such as Digital Signage or QR Codes.

Technology is such a great tool to use for retail. If you use it right, customers will love coming into your store. A great way to utilize technology is through digital signage or QR codes. Let’s say you have a special coupon code coming up for the holidays. Create a QR code that customers can access only after they purchase an item. Then, more shoppers will be convinced to continue buying at a later date. Especially with the rise of contactless shopping, technology with retailers is a win-win situation.

Utilize Fixtures or Props to Create an Experience Shoppers Won’t Forget

Everyone loves props when walking into a store, especially around holiday times. When setting up your custom displays or fixtures for a new product, consider incorporating fake trees, pumpkins, or even fake snow! There are a ton of eco-friendly elements that you can use to create a festive atmosphere while also promoting your new merchandise.

Incorporate Interesting Material Combinations and Textures

The holiday season is all about mixing and matching as well. As a retailer, prepare to test out different material combinations and textures within your displays. This could be using something like sequins or velvet and mixing them with wood or glass. It sounds crazy, but creating a unique show can really make customers stop and stare in appreciation.

Play with Different Heights, Shapes, and Sizes of Fixtures

Visual merchandising can be more than just adding some lights and colors. Think about using different types of fixtures to make an appealing store as well. This could be experimenting with taller fixtures than you’re used to vs. ones with more depth. This is where S-Cube Fixtures can help you design your custom fixtures exactly how you want them, no matter your vision. If your store is constantly evolving, customers will seem more interested in exploring.

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In conclusion, visual merchandising is extremely important if you’re a retailer. It’s even more important if you’re paying attention to it around the holiday season since customers tend to buy more. Don’t forget to be creative with your displays and fixtures; try different things, incorporate props, and more! S-Cube Fixtures is here to help retailers like you and offer custom store fixtures and more, so make sure to check us out if you want to revamp your shop right before the holiday season!

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